It’s not really a blog, but in a way it is – call it half blog, half exposé. Someone has got to tell the story – the full story. This site tells the story of how my partner was murdered whilst he worked as a mental health carer at On Track Community Programs (also facetiously known as Off Track or On Trash). It reveals the knowledge that I had acquired from communications with my partner as well as information made available to me after his death. It highlights the power plays that Michael, his colleagues and to a lesser extent myself, witnessed at the organisation.

Many staff suffered a high level of mental stress due to what they claim was an inability of their manager to correctly lead the team. Others talk of a bully culture and have made efforts to report this treatment to WorkCover NSW. The Australian Services Union representing mental health workers have given an indication of practices at the organisation that warrant scrutiny.

This site was created on behalf of all the mental health workers who feel their concerns with safety have been ignored. It is for the many that have been either attacked or murdered whilst at work. This site serves to be the voice of the many who have no other avenue of being heard.

NOTE: Content on this site have been obtained from the following sources:

1. Transcripts of criminal court proceedings obtained through Freedom of Information;

2. Reports of investigations carried out by Government Organisations involved with investigating the procedures of the organisations involved;

3. Interviews carried out with ex-staff of On Track Community Programs;

4. Information freely offered by current and ex-staff of On Track Community Programs;

5. Personal interactions with management team members at On Track Community Programs;

6. Personal accounts from the victim whilst alive.

7. Judgements handed down in the sentencing of On Track Community Programs.

Every effort is made to protect the names of individuals in this web site unless the name is already public information available through i. The Media; ii. Freedom of Information; iii. Other websites.