Zeetha the Quaker Parrot
  • About this album
  • Zeetha is our newest companion Quaker parrot. She was born in late November 2007 and has turned out to be a real sweetie. When she was just 3 weeks old, we had to get her to the vet to have her crop contents pumped out ... the silly girl had eaten a piece of wood shaving that got stuck in her crop. But she recovered well.

    Zeetha gets along pretty well with Pepper the budgie, although they both vie for our attention.She's getting talkative and isn't shy to chat with strangers. She's already been on several camping trips with us and she's always a hit with anyone she meets.

    The day she hatched in late November 2007. She's the one with the bum facing away
    Here she is at 6 days of age. She's the one in the middle
    Think this was the first day we took her out of the nest to join her older brother
    Just on 3 weeks of age here
    Nearly a month old now
    Slowly starting to feather up
    She's got a sweet face that she's kept till today
    Pepper and Zeetha seem to always want to have a bath at the same time
    Looking pretty