The Players

The Players

Who is MHARS?

MHARS no longer exists, but it started as a mental health service provider in the city of Lismore located in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. The service was local and comprised a group of dedicated carers who had the welfare of their mental health clients at heart. They ran a refuge, a respite centre, a housing program and several other programs all targeted at those suffering a mental health crisis. It was a small organisation and with changes to state government funding policies, had to give up their autonomy to become part of another organisation in order to survive.

Who is On Track Community Programs?

“On Track Community Programs provides a range of community based support services for people experiencing mental illness, disability, homelessness or extreme disadvantage.”

This appears to be the mission statement declared on their website. Not a bad thing. No, not at all. The disadvantaged in our society do need assistance. The social workers who work at On Track Community Programs care about those less fortunate. On Track Community Programs had small beginnings in the Northern Rivers city of Tweed Heads and is run by its founder and CEO, Leone Crayden. It developed and grew as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO).

Who is Richmond Clinic?

Richmond Clinic is now the Lismore Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit or LAMHIU though the old name has stuck. The clinic has overall responsibility for mental health patients in the area, with each mental health patient assigned a case manager from the clinic itself who is responsible for their care program. The NGOs such as On Track Community Programs are tasked by Richmond Clinic to provide the care of mental health clients in the community.

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